Empowering the Resilient Grid

We empower the future energy grid though innovative technology and flexible energy assets, envisioning an electrified and sustainable society.

A Complete Solution

Our product offerings form a powerful synergy of hardware and software. Become a sustainability hero and be rewarded for supporting a better energy grid.

KanFLEX - A Virtual Power Plant

Harness the power of our Virtual Power Plant technology to maximize revenue from your energy assets as well as the contribution towards a more sustainabale energy system.

Energy storage systems

Discover our range of high-quality battery systems and inverters from leading manufacturers such as WeCo. We specialize in helping you choose the right system that suits your specific needs.

Your one-stop partner

We have expert knowledge of the complete end-to-end journey of both standard and complex installations. From initial site assessments, hardware consultations, installation procedures and optimization. We also have vast knowledge in areas such as backup power and energy load management.

A resilient grid through flexibility

Flexibility encompasses all aspects of tomorrow's energy ecosystem. It facilitates greater investment in renewable energy resources and ensures a resilient and reliable energy grid.

We achieve this though integrating energy assets with our advanced Energy Management Platform and participating in a diverse range of energy markets, maximizing returns for asset owners as well as the benefits to the energy system.

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